A Doomed Star is Still a Star


as day with silent session

Makes o’er to night—articulate with stars” ~

[Sir] Roger Casement, “The Peak of the Cameroons II”



Some people have a clearer vision. They

Are prophets, heroes, saints—all three. Their eyes

And hearts are preternatural. What they say

Is holy and compelling: they surprise

The thought of those who are not deaf and dumb

In soul. While such are still alive, they may

Not be perceived for what they are. The numb

Of brain because obtuseness is their stay

Will hang them from a gallows or may burn

Them at the stake with faggots made from hate

And prejudice. Still history sees the turn

Of tides though vindication comes too late.

[Sir] Roger Casement’s steps up to the rope

Can make us move, articulate with hope.


August 30, 2015; rewritten April 10, 2016


[BTW, how anyone could edit a book of poems by an author which includes a poem with the phrase “articulate with stars” and be dismissive about that author’s ability as a poet is astounding.]