The Encyclopedia Sonnetica

A Universal Encyclopedia Composed of Sonnets

by Phillip Whidden

Poetry by Phillip Whidden

Welcome to The Encyclopedia Sonnetica: A Universal Encyclopedia Composed of Sonnets. This encyclopedia of sonnets has been in the making for over four decades (Insert personal statement / intro here)
This encyclopedia is the longest sonnet sequence in the history of English, being made up of thousands of sonnets. You can learn more about me and my current project by visiting or subscribing to my blog.

How to Navigate the Sonnet Encyclopedia

Simply search on this site for the word (such as Aardvark; or Love; or Religion; or Sadomasochism; or Sex; or Violence; or War) or two or three words (such as Korean Court Music; le Musée Cluny; or Friedrich Nietzsche; or Paul Verlaine; or String Theory) for the subject you want to find.  Once you find it, there will be (just as in most encyclopedias) guidance about how to find other entries related to the one you searched for.
The encyclopedia is arranged alphabetically by the headings of the entries (such as Aardvark or Korean Music) and the entries (all of them sonnets) will be under those headings.  Yes, all the “articles” or “entries” in this encyclopedia are sonnets.  Most of the sonnets have titles, so you can find one by its title if you read it before and remember the title.

Why Sonnets Matter in the 21st Century

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